If you’ve always wanted to learn French but considered the task daunting this beginners French book is for you. With L’essentiel you can learn French in less than 10 months. Developed by François Destrebecq, a native French speaker, L’essentiel offers a complete French program for first-time French students looking to speak the language in real-world situations. The book includes an audio companion with lessons that develop and nurture student’s listening and conversational skills, and after just one lesson students are able to speak French. The audio companion’s quick-paced approach and the book’s engaging and hands-on methodology means no note taking, memorization or homework are required for students to learn French. Instead, learning is achieved through proactive listening, repetition and workbook exercises that teach students a modern-day French that can truly be used in real-life environments. Book and audio companion suitable for ages eight to 98.